Wyrd Biography
The Wyrd Sisters accidentally began their career in 1990 when three women (who had no previous musical experience) came together to share their 'hobby' of song writing with each other. Their first show as the Wyrd Sisters was at the University of Winnipeg that same year. A friend asked them to share their songs at a benefit for a women's shelter soon after the U show. Mitch Podolak (founder of numerous folk organizations and festivals) heard them at that performance and asked them to play at the West End Cultural Centre . The CBC came to record that performance... and that summer they were playing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. TWS have not looked back from that moment. They have enjoyed performances across the continent, from folk festivals to concert halls to full symphonic backing, they have been on national and international tv and radio shows, they have five recordings, three Juno nominations, three videos (all of which received full play on CMT) and Best Group award in the folk category of the Prairie Music Awards. They have also been included on numerous compilations and have been hired to write and record theme music for video and tv shows. Much of their music, such as 'Warrior', 'The Faucet', 'Farewell to Clayoquot Sound' and 'Leave a Little Light' has been covered, recorded and sung by performers and choirs from across the globe.

TWS have, like any family (and long time band), changed and evolved and grown over the years. Original founding member, principal writer and lead stage personality Kim has remained the constant thoughout the band's existence. TWS looked to groups such as 'Sweet Honey in the Rock' and 'The Flirtations', for inspiration and direction - where members have come and gone over the decades but the music and the message (not to mention the popularity and fan base) have remained the same. Today, the touring band consists of : Kim- vocals, Carolyna Loveless - percussion, Marie Josee Dandeneau - bass, Johanna Hildebrandt - vocals and violin, Dem McLeod - vocals, Id Guinness - keys, and Ledenhed - guitars. We also mustn't forget about the invisible members of our team... the ones who labour without the immediate glory: Lorne Fiedler - agent/media co-ordinator and all-round great guy; Darren Parfeniuk, sales and reckless driving; and our pal Al Baker - who manages and tries to keep the rest of us in line....

Though there have been many changes over the years, TWS still connects to a fan base in a deeply intense and personal way. The 'folk' theme of their music content has remained the same in that they 'speak to' their audiences from a place that the audiences can intimately relate to. The intricate and bittersweet three part harmonies remain the same except for perhaps they have become more sophisticated in ways only time and experience can make happen. TWS have 'toned down' and 'keyed up' but one thing remains constant: They reflect the heart and soul of their audience back to them in such a manner that 'wyrd fans' become fans for life. It is usual for TWS to have record numbers in sales wherever they play and to be consistently in the top three sales of festivals (particularly when they have a main stage appearance). The message continues to be wrapped around intertwining voices... the instruments plug in, the lights go down and the romance continues... TWS continues on their own spiritual journey of bringing the message of hope and inspiration to their audiences.

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