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Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Sisters website.
( Photo by Daryl Malone of Winnipeg)

Our new album, "Wholly", is now available. We're very excited about this. It has taken us some time, so finally being finished is gratifying.

Please click on the album cover for more details.
We hope you like it.

Listen to some of the new tunes on our myspace page and tell us which one you like best for a chance to win a free CD!
wholly CD cover

NEW: We're back from our (very fun!) tour and are now writing new songs for our upcoming album called 'The Gospel According to Mary'. We'll likely be trying out the new songs at a Winnipeg date soon. In the meanwhile, we often get asked by fans to come play at their local venues. We'd love to come, but in reality - first a venue needs to invite us to come perform, and next, we have to fit the show into a viable tour schedule... So...If you are a fan and would like us to come to your area, call your local venue and ask them to host us. If you are a venue/presenter and would like us to fit you in our tour, please contact Lorne on our contact page. The tour page will be updated soon,so check back for confirmed dates and locations.
Updates to the tour schedule will soon be posted on the "Performances" link for tour information.

Commentaries, Stories, Songs and Links:

This band has always been a vehicle for speaking out against injustice. We have been a voice for those who couldn't share their stories themselves, and we have made it our mandate to tell the stories that our media doesn't want told. We have written and sung songs against the clear-cutting in Clayoquot Sound, the silence and collusion which leads to tragedies like the Montreal Massacre, and the loneliness that comes from the sense of isolation and difference that many of us experience trying to fit into the glossy magazine images that bombard us. We have tried to name these issues and injustices so all would know that they are not alone. At the same time, we've also tried to share the sense of joy and hopefullness that comes from knowing that we are not alone. This band has not been our 'job'. It has been our calling.

We will be sharing some very interesting news soon... In the meanwhile, here are some fascinating links to subjects we feel passionate about:

North american union and Vchip info: NAU and Vchip

Naomi Wolf author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot" given October 11, 2007 at Kane Hall on the University : Naomi

The reality of it here, in Manitoba: province of manitoba throne speech nov.20, 2007...

Connie Fogal: Leader of the canadian action party

adbusters web site: Adbusters

MIT Engineer Jeff King Says WTC Demolished 9/11

Hmmmm. There were a few other youtube videos but we've found them removed and this notice put up: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. " No surprise.

Save Canada, save our culture, save our planet, Save Our Souls - vote wisely! : Defeat Harper

Like the song and story of John Badertscher ( on Wholly ), often the hero is not a hero until after the fact. John was one of the folks who fought to desegegate the churches. In his time, he was thought of as delusional, an enemy of his own people, a trouble-maker, sacreligious... Looking back now we see how the efforts of a man standing against popular opinion, despite the personal losses he may have suffered, made him heroic. He is one man, one story among many heroic stories. May we all strive to be as brave as John. May we all participate in a spiritual revolution.

Back to the music...

Our latest, luscious sister, Carolyna Loveless :Carolyna

On another note, some wonderful person(s) has made a youtube video of an old song of ours, "solstice Carole" from the now discontinued cassette 'Leave a Little Light'. ( Leave a Little Light is available only as a download, hardcopies are no longer printed) ...Here it is:
Solstice Carole"

( Note--- We do not have any videos on youtube... except for the solstice carole, those other wyrd sisters are not our band. )

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